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We are all an amalgamation of our experiences. This is what makes each and every one of us an interesting person to interact with. We each have stories to show what brought us here today. Some of us may write into a diary while some of us take pictures or create art to commemorate these events. Some of us go so far as to purposely not do such things. Some even go so far as to destroy records of experiences so that we do not need to relive them, or so that others cannot find out.

When you make a character in a game, they may lack these historical events. Maybe they only have records of the particularly interesting days. Card Stock has you create a journal for your character to record the good, the bad, and even the mundane. With a deck of playing cards and a physical journal, your character will represent their day with its ups and downs. At least until circumstances lead them to stop writing in this particular journal.

Card Stock is a game unto itself, but can be used to flesh out a character for a different game. No matter how you play it, we want to know you had a good time. So please feel free to reach out.

Written by: Nathaniel de Leon

Layout by: Ezra Blanchard

Art by: Ezra Blanchard and Sonja Nichols


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Card Stock is a novel approach to writing that requires a pack of playing cards and a journal. The cards drawn represent events in a character’s daily life, providing you with an event to flesh out. A character becomes more tangible with details and Card Stock provides a quick method for development while still leaving you to detail how significant, or banal, a given day might be. As the journal expands, you have a richer history to draw upon when utilizing the character.

I like the simplicity of the tool and how it can be utilized quickly for multiple characters. Sometimes it feels as though you have little more than a stereotype to work with and require details that could be drawn from any number of sources. It is interesting to me to take the simple events listed to spark ideas and put my mind to work, particularly if I am in a rush.